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Adult Classifieds for Blessers and Blessees

The new and improved version of sugar daddies and sugar babies, blessers and blessees are terms used to describe a sexual relationship where one person (the blesser) endows gifts or money to another (the blessee) in return for companionship. Although this relationship is very similar to sugaring, there is a slight difference… traditionally, sugar daddies have always been older than their sugar babies, who are often young girls. With blessers and blessees, not as much attention is put on ages of either party.

It is also important to note that this relationship is not the same as prostitution. Essentially, it is a mutually beneficial relationship between consenting adults. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, how do you go about finding yourself a blesser or a blessee? Let’s take a look.

Looking for Blessers and Blessees?

Like sugar daddies and sugar mommies, there are two main types of blessers – men and women. Some may be female looking for male blessees, others may be males seeking female blessees, and others may be gay, looking for same sex blessees or blessers. To help you find the right person to meet your needs (be that sexual or otherwise), here are some tips to keep in mind…

  • How to find a sugar daddy. You can start by advertising your need for an experienced sugar daddy or blesser on a listing site such as Cumtree. Categories that may be useful for this include Blessee Seeking Blesser, Blesser Seeking Blessee, Female seeking Sugardaddy, Female seeking Sugarmommy, Male seeking Sugardaddy and Male seeking Sugarmommy. When posting a listing, things to consider include what sort of relationship you are seeking, for example female sugar baby looking for a daddy; what you have to offer; what you are hoping to get from the relationship; and anything else that you want to include. If you have any hard limits, you can add those as well.
  • How to find a sugar mommy. To find yourself a sugar mommy, you can try the Sugar Mommy seeks Sugar Baby category. Things to include in your listing include what you are able to offer, the type of sugar baby you are seeking, whether you are looking for a female or male, whether you have age preferences, and what you are hoping to get. If you have any specific fetishes or preferences, you can mention these, too. To find blesses, you can use the categories we mentioned above to view listings.
  • How to find a sugar baby. Daddies can create listings in the Sugar Daddy seeks Sugar Baby category. Similar to the mommies above, daddies will need to state what they are seeking – age, gender, looks and sexual favours. Specific preferences should be included, so that prospective blessees know what you want. You can also use the categories above to find blessees who are seeking blessers.

Finding your dream blesser or blessee does not have to be a challenge. Cumtree makes it easier than ever to find the hottest blessers and blessees who are up for anything!

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Cumm Ads free online dating and sex hookups South Africa
Cumm Ads free online dating and sex hookups South Africa