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Plugged in Public

| Uncategorized | June 21, 2020




Sir asked his worthless cumslut to wear a butt plug in her whore pussy, under her clothes. My tight
jeans pushed the plug deeper into my cunt. Feeling it move inside me as I walked. Rubbing against
my g-spot. While driving, every speed bump, pot hole became an opportunity to make myself cum.
I went to breakfast with friends, to the supermarket, to the bank – like an innocent little girl. A good
girl with her tight cunt stretched around a big metal plug. The plug pushing against her wet hole’s
walls, rubbing against the same fucking spot all the time. A good little slut with a dripping pussy, her
lace panties drenched. All I wanted to do was rub my throbbing clit and cum. Fuck, I just wanted to
cum. But Sir wouldn’t let me. He made me beg for permission….please Sir, Your useless slut needs to
cum…please. Sir knows that making me beg makes my nipples hard and my throbbing clit even
Finally, after edging for what seemed like hours, Sir allowed me to cum. On one condition: I had to
film myself while cumming. Locking myself in a toilet cubicle at the mall, I started rubbing my hungry
little clit. It wasn’t long before my pussy started to spasm and my body was shaking. I couldn’t make
a sound while my pussy juices were running down my legs onto the toilet seat. When the orgasmic
waves finally stopped, I couldn’t wait to look into the camera, at Sir, and lick my whore juice off my
I can’t wait for Sir to take me out in public, wearing nipple clamps and a plug. I know He will make
me beg until He takes me to a secluded but public spot and fuck His slut’s ass.

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