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Staying safe on the site – a warning

| Uncategorized | October 29, 2018

We received this mail from a concerned user and feel it was worth sharing. Please follow his advice to avoid being scammed/blackmailed:


I would like to bring to your attention a practice on the site by mainly young woman that seek to blackmail and extort money from married and involved men.

Their Modus Operandi is to advertise for married and involved men in the “woman seeking men”section. When you respond to them they either send you their whatsapp number or ask for yours immediately. They then ask to swap nude photos, they mainly ask for you to send them first and promise to reciprocate, they try hard to get nude photos including face and body so they have ämo”for blackmailing you. When you don’t play their game, they tell you to add them as a facebook friend. Their whole reason is that they can blackmail and extort you, they ask for money and then hen you tell them no, they tell you they are going to expose you to your wife or girlfriend or family. I have been solicited by these kind of scammers twice, but have never sent them nude pics and when they have threatened i have told them to “go-ahead” and that I would be reporting them to the police. Blackmail and extortion is highly illegal and besides this puts a black cloud over what this site is for. Its usually young woman whom try and solicit older married or involved men.

Please can you warn men especially married men to look out for young for much younger woman with this MO and not to send nude pics or add woman to their facebook pages unless they have met them and established a repertoire with them.

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