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Toy Fun – First post from our guest contributor

| Sex Toy Fun | February 26, 2020

We have opened up our blogging platform to girls who want to write about their sexual experiences. If you think you writing is decent and want it published please get in touch

Our first post is from Cherry

Here’s a bit about her: I am in love with this one life. I have to explore and learn – about sex most of all. Vanilla is delicious, but I want to taste all the flavours. And does helping someone get off count as my good deed for the day?


Toy Fun

The 20cm dildo was much thicker in real life than it looked online. The anticipation of making my pussy take it, made my clit throb. I stripped, lay down naked on my bed. My hands found my tits, squeezing them, rubbing my nipples. Pulling, twisting, pinching them until they felt hard and tender. With one hand still teasing my nipples, I put two fingers in my mouth, getting them wet. Only then did I use them to stroke and part my pussy lips. I circled my hard, little clit with my wet fingers, teasing myself. Stroking my wet, warm pussy folds and back to my clit, edging. Finally, I allowed myself to push two fingers deep into my cunt. I was dripping, hot and tight, clenching around my fingers. Pulling my fingers out, I brought them to my mouth and sucked off my juices. Fuck, I love tasting myself.

I started licking, sucking the dildo into my mouth, blowing it like a real cock. Once I felt happy that it slick with my spit, I brushed the dildo all over my smooth pussy. Tapping my clit with the head, rubbing myself from clit to asshole with the long, thick, veiny shaft. Spreading my legs wide, I pushed the head into my soaking wet hole. Even though the tip made me gasp, my hungry pussy wanted more. I gave a firm thrust, forcing the dildo deeper, the slight pain making me wetter, stretching my greedy pussy. Bit by bit my pussy took the dildo and finally I hit my cervix, bottoming out. My pussy ached to be fucked hard, so I pounded that big dildo in and out of my dripping cunt. Fucking myself as hard as I could. Rubbing my clit with fast, rough circles. Arching my back, breathing heavily, wishing for hands to choke me. Finally, I came – intense!

Hope you enjoyed this real life experience. Look out for future posts too.


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