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What happened to Cumtree Adult Classifieds and Sex Hookups

| Uncategorized | October 19, 2019

You may be wondering what happened to your favorite adult classifieds site www.cumtree.co.za

Well we got a cease and desist letter from eBay saying that we were violating their trademarked name ‘Gumtree’. Even though Gumtree don’t offer adult classifieds, and we are not a classifieds site as we don’t sell anything.

Unfortunately as Cumtree was a free site we did not have the means to challenge eBay in court

As such we moved the entire domain to where it is now at www.cumm.co.za

The site is exactly the same apart from the domain name. If you had a free account with us your login details will stay the same.

We hope you enjoy using our site and thanks for understanding about the domain change.

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