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Adult Classifieds for women looking for men

One of the most popular search terms on the internet, Women looking for Men is a category that offers so much to the horny guy. The problem is however that the ratio of women to men on internet dating sites is skewed heavily towards the man.

However this doesn’t mean that the Women looking for Men aren’t out there – you just have to find them. As with all categories there are many instances of men being scammed by supposed females advertising their services. However Cumm Ads moderates every ad that goes onto the site, especially in this category, so that you know the females looking for hookups are genuine.

There are 2 types of females that would advertise in this category. The first is a single female that is looking for a hookup. Commonly referred to as ‘unicorns’ these women are few and far between, but when you do find them they are a gold mine of sexual experiences. The second type of women posting in this category are either married or in a relationship, and are looking for some action on the side. Please note that married women come with the risk of the husband or boyfriend finding out, so tread carefully here.

How to find a Women looking for Men?

You can start by posting an ad on the Cumm and hope that a woman answers your ad. The second way is to browse the Women looking for Men category on the site and reply to ads that are looking for men for sexual hookups.

Things to remember when you post an ad:

  • Be as detailed and descriptive as possible. Vague ads do not get a good response
  • It helps if the ad has a recent photo of you so that the prospective female can see if she likes the look of you or not.
  • Manners matter! Too many guys think that because a woman is advertising on a sex site that they can treat her disrespectfully. This is not how it works. Be rude or offensive and you lose the opportunity for a hookup. Always be respectful, courteous and honest.

If you are not having any luck on the Cumm Ads site, there are numerous sites that we recommend where you may have better luck (such as www.hookup4sex.co.za). The member pool is far greater on sites like these, although you may be charged a small monthly fee to access the profiles.

If you are not getting any responses in the Women looking for Men category just be patient. They are out there and if you follow the advice above, when they get in touch with you are already well ahead of the other guys who have responded to the ad.

Why not browse the other categories on the site (like Girls seeking Guys) and try your luck there.

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Cumm Ads free online dating and sex hookups South Africa
Cumm Ads free online dating and sex hookups South Africa