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Digital advertising is the new black. Traditional print advertising is dying a slow death, while online digital advertising is taking a huge leap forward. With the increased use of smartphones and tablets to access online content doesn’t it make sense to advertise your brand online at the Cumm Ads?

At the Cumm Ads we know how difficult it is to market an adult product or website. Nobody wants to get involved with a brand in the adult industry. Cumm Ads is different. We want to offer your brand to our visitors and help you to grow awareness of it. With an average of 50 000+ page views per day, the Cumm Ads is the most visited adult site in the country, shouldn’t you be taking advantage of that?

The Cumm Ads offers the following advertising option:

Permanent banner on the Cumm Ads site. We offer a number of different placements for your banner on our site (see illustration below):

2.1) Banners on main


2.2) Banner on View
Ad Page


2.3) Banner on Post
Ad page


2.4) Text link on all emails sent from Cumtree

Costs per position:

A: 728 x 160 above the
header visible on homepage of site:  R2500/month

B: 160 x 600 left OR
right sidebar visible across entire site:   R2500/month

C: 728 x 160 above the
Latest Ads section on homepage:     R2000/month

D: 728 x 160 below the
Latest Ads section on homepage:

E: 728 x 160 above the
View Ad section:

F: 728 x 160 above the
Post ad section:

G: Text link on every
email that is sent from the site:

H: Total site
domination – all spots on site:
R15 000/month                          

We are always willing
to create new partnerships and explore options to see
how we can help each other get ahead in this tough adult

[email protected]
for any advertising requirements.


Cumm Ads free online dating and sex hookups South Africa
Cumm Ads free online dating and sex hookups South Africa